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Overview of online-ca.com au Canada

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online-ca.com The professional internet platform for recruitment exists since 1999.

Coming from a private initiative, implemented by organization and human-resources' experts,

online-ca.com allows to find hyper-specialized and general profiles.

For 10 years, Enligne enabled a quarter of million people find job.

1st specialized recruitment platform au Canada


online-ca.com : is a specialized recruitment platform. It's a part of the international platform enligne-int.com, covering 40 countries. It counts more than 15,000 active recruitement websites that are specialized by posts, sectors and geographical sectors.

online-ca.com : Put at your disposal :

- 600 specialized business sectors websites

- 1.000 specialized posts websites

- 1.000 geographical websites (regions, departments and cities)

Services connecting companies and seekers

Enline : services connecting companies and seekers

All our websites collect some 1.000 new registrations and updates each working day.

Each website has 3 solutions to connect offerers and seekers according to the kind of contracts:

- employment contracts : une base de données de 100.000 chercheurs d'emploi (en recherche active)

- assignement contracts with freelances : a network of 25.000 experienced freelances (generalists and specialists)

- internships contracts : a database of 75.000 internship seekers.

Economic model

Our services are free for job seekers and internship seekers.

Jobs offerers and internships offerers remunate us.

Regarding assignments, we detect projects for freelancers.
Posting an assignment offer is free. We check if the assignment is still valid before cashing the payment of the expert who decided to use our services.

A simplified access


The top menu bar allows
-those responsible of recruitment to click on the button reserved to companies, and to be guided from page to page.
-seekers to go directly to the part dedicated to seekers. Gradually choose the type of presentation: job application, internship application or freelance presentation.

The menu bar on the right allows
to go quickly to the specialized website corresponding to your needs.

Filling one form is enough because our intelligent system automatically distributes your ad in our most relevant websites. Add relevant keywords in the 'title' section of the form and your ad will be in the corresponding website.

Choose an email address that you regularly check as you will be sent email alerts.


All our services are regulated by general terms and special stringent conditions.

Each user, offerer or applicant, commits to accept a charter and general conditions providing everyone the maximum possible guarantees.

A permanent control is performed, whether creating or editing records, and ensure that the greatest care is made to protect the interest of all.

Too old records or those whose mails return with error messages are deleted.


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